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China Government Allocates RMB 70 Billion to Fight AIDS

Date Published:2012-3-11 15:50:43

The State Council of the People's Republic of China on March 1, 2012 has released a document titled "The 12th Five-Year Plan’s Program for containment and prevention of AIDS". During the next several years Chinese Government is planning to invest RMB 70 billion to fight AIDS. To further stimulate the AIDS drug development, Chinese government has also decided to grant certain tax exemption on domestic anti-AIDS drugs, implementation of fixed-point production, and incorporation into the National Drug Stock .

According to the plan, by 2015 the AIDS epidemic will be sustained under control, with the new HIV infection incidents decreased by 25%, AIDS case fatality rate decreased by 30%, and the survival of carriers and the infected patients maintained under 1.2 million.

In order to accelerate the development of the anti-HIV therapy, the State Council will incorporate AIDS into the National Research Strategy.

During the current “12th Five-Year plan" period, Departments of Health, Technology, Medical Supervision, Traditional Chinese Medicine and others will expedite and accelerate execution of the programs focused on prevention and therapeutic treatment of major infectious diseases, including AIDS and viral hepatitis.

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