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First Industrial Facility for Tissue Engineering in China Has Been Established

Date Published:2012-3-10 15:50:30
Inauguration of the first industrial Research and Production facility for tissue-engineering in China took place in Xian on February 20th, 2012. The facility is being constructed by Shaanxi Aierfu Activtissue Engineering Company, Ltd, a subsidiary of the China Bio-Med Regeneration Technology, Ltd. This project has been supported with the Government funds of 52 million RMB.

The new Research and Production Centre plans to eventually produce 4 million cm² of ActivSkin, re-constructing human a-cellular dermal tissue at 2 million cm² and Selective Acellular Porcine Skin at 20 million cm² per year, generating annual revenue of up to RMB 1.1 billion.

Tissue engineering industry is one of the key developing strategic industries in China. The factories occupy relatively small space; the production itself consumes fewer resources, and generates no pollution. Resulting products, however, are highly profitable and beneficial for the society. Introduction of the new Research and Production facilities for tissue engineering might have profound effect and influence on the biomedical industry and the overall economic growth in China.

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