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China‘s First Center for Development of the Comprehensive Cancer Molecular Diagnostic Program Has Been Established in Tianjin

Date Published:2012-3-18 15:50:01

Establishment of the Asia-Pacific Bio-Signal Center of Tianjin International Joint academy of Biotechnology & medicine institute has been announced in Tianjin on March 15, 2012.

The center plans building the platform molecular diagnostic program for major cancers (liver, lung, breast and colorectal) and infectious diseases, as well as to establish a tissue bank for tumors and major infectious diseases. The program plans to integrate the clinical genomics, proteomics and metabolomics and personalized bio-signal approaches. At the same time, the center will provide supports for the implementation of the key anticancer special research programs in Tianjin city. As the headquarter of a global biological signals research Cooperation Organization in China, the center will focus on research and development of biological signals in the Asia-Pacific region, and industrialization of the scientific accomplishments in Tianjin.

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