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The Bioinformatics Supercomputing Application Alliance Will Be Built in Guangzhou

Date Published:2012-5-11 15:49:38

Signing of the agreement in March 30, 2012, to initiate the Tianhe-2 high-performance computer system cooperation between the Guangzhou Municipal Government and the National University of Defense Technology, initiates the construction phase of the Supercomputer Center in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Supercomputer Center is expected to address the needs of genetic engineering, biopharmaceutical, industrial design, urban management, finance, animation, new energy, new materials and other basic research and application fields in the area. The use of supercomputers for new drug screening, gene sequencing and the Internet medical resources mining, will play a predominant role in promoting the development of pharmaceutical industry and quality of medical services.

At present, biomedicine industry in Guangzhou has entered the rapid growth phase, but in a segregated cluster manner. Development of personalized therapeutics has created urgent demand for supercomputers. With the construction of the Supercomputer Center, Guangzhou plans to integrate institutes with needs for supercomputing in the biomedical field in a form of a strategic alliance, and to build a Supercomputing Applications Research Platform. Local Government believes, that this will be important for both enriching the service capabilities of the supercomputer center, and supporting the emerging strategic industries in Guangzhou.

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