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miRNA Next-Gen Sequencing

microRNAs (miRNAs) are endogenous non-coding RNA whose length is about 19-25nt, they are widely involved in the regulation of gene transcription. However, miRNA qRT-PCR and miRNA microarray pay more attention to the miRNA expression and quantitative, they are limited to the detection of known miRNA expression profiles but have no way to detect novel miRNA molecules.

Using the next-generation sequencing technology platform can directly high-throughput sequence the specified size miRNA molecules in the sample, and can study the miRNA expression profiling without any miRNA sequence information, discover and identify new miRNA molecules, so as to provide more comprehensive miRNA expression study method and accelerate the discovery of new miRNA.

The next-generation sequencing technology is a powerful tool for miRNA expression research.

RiboBio miRNA team will provide miRNA high-throughput sequencing services of cells to clients based on professional experience.

Technical features:

Digital signal: miRNA high-throughput sequencing platforms can study the miRNA molecules directly from the single nucleotide level without hybridization signals obtained by traditional chip, this can ultimately avoid the problem of background signal noise, and is useful for distinct miRNA families.

High sensitivity: The ability to detect low-abundance miRNAs, and each sequencing channel can detect tens of millions of miRNA data with high coverage;

High-quality data: miRNA sequencing has a large amount of sequencing flux and can provide sufficient sequencing depth and data coverage for each miRNA molecules, the results are reliable and accurate.

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