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Drug Screen

Drug screening platform is equipped with a variety of new technologies for high content screening (HCS). It possesses a series of advanced equipments and data processing systems, including Tecan Freedom EVO 100 full automatic liquid transfer platform, Tecan Freedom EVO 150 full automatic liquid transfer platform, BioTek ELx-405UV automatic washing machine, Thermo Cytomat 6001 automatic CO2 incubators, Thermo LabSystems Multidrop 384 automatical dispensers, Thermo CRS Robotics automatic control system, PE EnVision™ multilabel reader, TTP Accumen X3 cell imaging system, BD Pathway cell imaging system. The platform is committed to provide high-throughput and/or high-content drug screening, effective RNAi-molecule selection, lead compounds screening and other screening services for biological studies.

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