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RiboBIO Attending AsiaTIDES and Exploring Oversea Market of Oligonucleotide Drugs

Date Published:2016/3/9 13:12:19
On February 24, 2016, RiboBIO was invited to participate in the 8th AsiaTIDES, which was held in Kyoto, Japan.RiboBIO demonstrated its state-of-the-art technological advantages of the first cGMP oligonucleotides nucleic acid production base in China, which could provide diversified services including technological development and validation, analytical method development and validation, stability studies for nucleic acid drugs, and other all-round CMC outsourcing services, attracting great attention at the conference.

Figure 1.the 8th AsiaTIDES, Kyoto, Japan

More than 200 researchers and prodction staff attended the three-day conference. On the second day, Dr. Biliang Zhang, Chairman of RiboBIO, gave a speech entitled "Development and Production of Therapeutic Oligonucleotides in China". He introduced the present situation of Oligonucleotides nucleic acid drug Development in China, especially mentioned the Chinese Oligonucleotides nucleic acid drug R&D and Production enterprises. In the speech, he also interpreted the latest significant innovations by CFDA, and the new development opportunities of innovativenucleotide drug lead by new policy and regulations of new drug application and approval.

Figure 2.RiboBIOstaff were communicating with participants at the conference.

“CFDA will provide new drug "Fast-track Review" and “Priority Review”for HIV/AIDS, malignant tumors, severe infectious diseases and rare diseases, which will greatly promote Chinese drug discovery, including nucleic acid drugs.” Dr. Zhang said.

Figure 3. Dr. Bilang Zhang was giving a speech at the conference.

AsiaTIDES is the leading forum in Asia for global oligonucleotide and peptide leaders to connect under one roof to forge successful business collaborations and share the latest groundbreaking science from discovery, preclinical and clinical development to chemistry, manufacturing and controls of oligonucleotide and peptide products, discuss current strategiesand trends to accelerate promising molecules from research to commercialization.

Figure 4.the first cGMP oligonucleotides nucleic acid production base in China

About RiboBio Co. Ltd.
RiboBio Co. Ltd. is a leading oligonucleotide-based biotech enterprise in China with the world-class R&D team and the cutting-edge technologies. RiboBioestablished a comprehensive oligonucleotide manufacturing facility (supporting low to large scale, low to high throughput, and cGMP production), equipped with the state-of-the-art instrumentation and advanced techniques, and supported by experienced personnel. This allows our company to manufacture oligonucleotides and related products of high standard and excellent quality for biomedical research and pharmaceutical use.RiboBio provides a wide range of oligonucleotide-based research services, including RNAi/miRNA functional studies, high-content high-throughput RNAi and small molecule screens, and mRNA and miRNA microarray analysis among others.

Figure 5.Automated fluid system
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