RNAi which is one of the most powerful tools to down-regulate gene expression in a highly specific and efficient manner, has become an important approach in analyzing gene function and metabolic pathways in eukaryotic organisms. In recent years, its application in drug target screening and validation has greatly accelerated the process of new drug development. 

  • Validated

    RiboBio provides a complete set of genOFF™ siRNAs for human,mouse, rat with...

  • RNAi Libraries

    Pre-designed genOFF™ RNAi libraries of majority of human genome are availab...

  • Custom siRNAs

    Are you looking for stable, high-quality but inexpensivesiRNAs that meets t...

  • In Vivo RNAi

    RiboBio genOFF™ in vivo siRNAs are chemicallymodified duplexes intended to ...

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